FE-1522 - 1 Pack of 10 Filter Envelopes

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  • 1 Green Bag of 10 Filter Envelopes
  • FDA Approved. Extends shortening functional life by 50% to 200%
  • Extended re-circulation is not needed, which puts the fryer back in operation more quickly
  • Normal usage is 7-8 days of functional use. No washing, just scrape off the food particles and continue to use
  • Reusable Fabric Filters - Extremely durable – almost impossible to damage. Reduces daily top-off by up to 10% because the filter does not to be changed daily
  • Instant oil clarity. The media removes 99.9% particulate down to 1/2 micron. Much improved oil color and dramatically improved resistance to blinding and clogging
  • Does not include clip.